Sophistication, Simplified​

Designed with affordability and scale-ability in mind, DSX is sized right – from the economical DSX-40 to the DSX-80/160. All DSX-80 cards can be migrated to the DSX-160. Even when growing from the DSX-40, your investment in IntraMail, programming, telephones, and other station equipment is retained. Since DSX is simple to install and easy to use, the expenses of configuration, programming, and post-installation training are minimized. Additionally, the core DSX call processing features are mature, efficient, and reliable yet intuitive and easy to use.

Affordable and Reliable

Cascading Message Notification
Cascading Message Notification can call you at up to five preset

destinations to let you know a new voice mail message has arrived.

Park and Page

Allows a caller to page you without operator assistance.

You can pick up the call from any extension.

Find Me Follow Me
The Automated Attendant can find you when you’re not at your desk.

Wake-up Call
Great for Motels and Bed & Breakfast establishments, DSX can automatically deliver a wake-up voice message to a room guest at a designated
time. Wake-up Calls are conveniently managed from the web-based Wake-up Call Manager at the front desk. The front desk can set new wake-ups, change those that are currently scheduled, and review the status of wake-ups that were answered or ignored.

IntraMail The ability to add voice mail is built into the system and only requires a compact flash card to activate. IntraMail is a full-featured Voice Mail Auto Attendant system that will greet and transfer callers and record voice mail messages. With built-in voice prompt guidance in English, Spanish, and French, IntraMail is a great fit in multilingual environments. From 2 to 8 voice mail ports are available and easily upgraded through licensing.

Put IntraMail to Work for You

IntraMail features include:​

Message Center
• Notify extension groups of important messages visually,

using a message center key.

Directory Dialing
• Dial a name instead of a

number to reach your party.

Message on Hold
Record your own informative

company message.

Caller ID
• Caller information is verbally provided with a voice mail message.

Conversation Record
• Save and record conversations with the touch of a button.

Live Call Screening
• Listen as callers leave a
message and pick up to answer.

IntraMail Pro Supports all of the features of IntraMail plus:


Email Integration
• Receive notification of a new voice mail message to your email inbox. Notification includes the caller’s number and name and can optionally include the recorded message as a .WAV file attachment. Additionally, Email Integration can automatically dispose of a new message when it is sent. The email disposition options include Save When Sent (save the voice message once the email is sent) and Erase When Sent (conversely erase the voice message).

Email Synchronization
• The status of the voice mail message is automatically updated when you open the email and is displayed in the message. The voice mail message will be marked as listened to and will be saved or erased based on the user’s preferences. There is no additional setup or special email requirements. Email Synchronization works with all types of email accounts (client or web-based).


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