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Server failure? No problem.

Should a business experience a server failure, the system can be virtualized instantly on the Datto device. The advanced web

interface allows for configuration of CPU and memory resources. Networking resources can also be configured dynamically, allowing for changes to be made without restarting the virtual machine. With the system now virtualized, the business can operate “business as usual” until it has the time to fix its server issue, without compromising any data or incurring any downtime.

Nobel uses Datto. We find that they deliver the most aggressive Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of any backup, recovery, and business continuity solution available today.

It is the ideal solution for businesses for whom downtime is not an option. We offer Datto as the best protection for a business’s mission-critical applications, delivered via the most robust and flexible technology on the market today.


Instant  Off-Site Virtualization

Datto protects clients from site-wide outages using instant off- site virtualization. In the event of a local disaster such as a fire or flood, the entire network can be recreated in the secure Datto

Cloud in a matter of minutes. Secure connections are provided to employees and a business can resume normal operations.

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