​Insight about, as well as concern, for the needs of

nurses and allied care givers drive the design of each element in Nobel's Nurse Call Systems.


On-going dedication to continual improvement should assure you that though installed today, it will be capable of leading-edge functionality as technologies evolve in the future!

Cornell's Care-Enhancing Communicator RN

The system can be programmed to accommodate existing procedures. There is no need to change how things are done to fully benefit from the system’s many features.

Functions reflect the reality of daily patient/resident interactions with care givers. There’s no need to learn new terminology or become “computer savvy” to be comfortable using the system, and to get the most out of it.

Information flow is rapid, simultaneous between multiple points and complete enough to allow accorate interpretation of a caller’s needs and proper, timely responses..

The Communicator RN system will maximize the return on your call system investment in terms of functionality, productivity, and profitability.