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Talking on the Phone



Cut down wasted time with Voice Mail and Unified Messaging

As a business, we cannot afford to incorrectly route calls, lose messages or make customers stay on hold for an extended period of time. Voice Mail is the ideal solution for businesses that want to ensure all callers quickly and reliably reach the people and information they seek.


Customers expect to  conduct business quickly and easily. They have no tolerance for long call-holding periods, incorrect call routing or lost messages. ​Even the busiest organization can efficiently manage the wealth of messages generated each day - no matter what form those messages come in, and cue Unified Messaging. ​Integrate seamlessly with UC Desktop Suite Client for quick and easy access to messages Voice Mail with Unified Messaging Voice mail, e-mail and faxes are the mainstay of today's productive organization.​

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​​Voice Mail is the ideal solution for businesses wishing to maximize customer satisfaction by ensuring that all callers get to the people and information that they need without prohibitive hold times or dropped calls.​

• Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring customer calls get routed to the appropriate person and are answered quickly and efficiently

• Increase employee productivity by helping employees better manage their messages and calls

• Benefit from an intuitive user-interface which simplifies employees’ learning curve through a step-by-step guide with pre-recorded voice prompts

​• Installation, setup and maintenance is simplified through its online online, HTML-based programming access with easy-to-follow wizards that streamline programming

• Share one voicemail system between two or more communication systems so employees can access voice mail from any location and configuration costs can be reduced


The feature-rich Unified Messaging, all voice, fax

and e-mail messages are directed into one inbox.


Users can keep track of all their messages and prioritize them more easily to better streamline their workloads.

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